Meet Lorri the Lorikeet

From her hilltop home on Brisbane’s Mount Coo-tha, Lorri the Lorikeet can look down on the fabulous river city every morning and decide where she most wants to travel for her early morning flight.

The beautiful difference

When Lorri was growing up she played with all the other lorikeets, and as her feathers started to develop, Lorri realised she had a different pattern under her wings and a cool looking mark on her chest.

Refusing to be ‘pigeon-holed’ as different, Lorri embraced her individuality and would show off her wings whenever she welcomed people, and her friends all loved it. They actually suit Lorri’s outgoing personality, she has quite the larrikin spirit.

Because of her wings she loves to change people’s perceptions of ‘the different’.

An early bird

Lorri is known by all her friends as the biggest sporting fan in the forest. Every morning she swoops down from Mt Coo-tha to check out athletes training.

Stopping first to perch on the fences at the Qld Tennis Centre, Lorri checks in on the tennis players.

From there she wings her way to QSAC at Mt Gravatt to watch the athletes run, jump and throw. Next stop is pretty close as the crow…sorry, lorikeet flies, to the Hibiscus Sports Centre where the big guys and girls entertain with their skills on the basketball court. Lorri’s advice on how to get a bit more air is always welcomed.

Time to head east to the Sleeman Sports Centre, where Lorri marvels at the swimmers cutting through the water and the cyclists speeding around the track.

A colourful character

Flamboyant and full of energy, if she is not watching sport, she loves socialising and bringing joy to all his friends. Lorri is the first to organise games, she is a bit cheeky, and is always up for a laugh. She is always encouraging her friends, young and old, to give sport a go and offers a helping wing during competition.

Lately Lorri has been even more excited than usual; the announcement of the 2019 INAS Global Games means that she is about to embark on an even greater journey; she gets to share her beloved city with visitors from all over the world, whilst simultaneously enjoying the welcoming inclusive spirit of the Games.

The Games will lead to tales of elite athletes celebrating world-class and friendly rivalry.

Lorri Special Features
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