Marc Truffaut

INAS President

On behalf of the INAS Governing Board, I would like to congratulate the Global Games Sports Company and our INAS Member nation, Sport Inclusion Australia for hosting the INAS Global Games – Brisbane 2019.

INAS, established in 1986, is the International Federation for athletes with intellectual impairments and a full member of the International Paralympic Committee. INAS has grown to more than 80 member nations across the World, representing in excess of 300,000 athletes.

We manage more than 15 Regional and World Championship competitions working closely with the International Federations for sport, maintain Regional and World records/rankings, and manage the eligibility process for athletes with an intellectual impairment. Every 4 years we conduct the INAS Global Games—the world’s largest event for elite athletes with an intellectual impairment.

I look forward to joining you along with members of the INAS Family when we gather in October 2019 for the INAS Global Games Brisbane.